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    I am a new player looking for friends!
    (Mal Custer, if the link doesn't work)
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    Dont mind My weird username/FB name XD

    Its My horse haven FB account because i Wanna stay as private as possible!

    I came here because i need some friends to Help me unlock the fantasy Island
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    Add me

    Please add me, need friends in HH :-)

    And for somwthing completely else, I would appreciate it very much if you would vote for my picture in a competetion, follow the link below and press the purple button :-) (sorry for the danish on the link) :-P
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    ^-^ please add me. I play everyday and would like some friends on horse haven. Thank you
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    Facebook invites

    Does anyone have trouble becoming friends once they are Facebook friends? I have an iOS, but can't seem to send friend requests in game. Any ideas?
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    Please add me as a friend :) Plays multiple times daily!

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    Seeking friends!

    Please add me, I'm new to Horse Haven and in need of new friends!
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    friend request

    Add me for Horse Haven: www.facebook.com/snick3r5757

    This is an account specifically made for Horse Haven / Farmville since I would obviously never post my real account. Smh

    I'm level 28 & have opened the fantasy horses' homeland. I gift & visit almost all ranches daily.
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