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    R.U.S.E AI funds

    don't bother with my name its not important

    how much money do AI players start off with for each diffuculty? it seems hard AI players start with WAY more money than regular players or lower level AI. ive seen an italian get an armour AT and airbase with like 20 troops in the first minute or so. this is impossible with just 200$.
    also easy AI seem to have less money because they never have ANYTHING but that may just be because they are slow im not sure on that one.

    i would really liike to know how much they start off with.

    sincerely umm bvvvfgttyyjhgf ..... ok imn not sure if i spelt that right i keep thinking im missing a letter
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    They start of with more money indeed. I haven't noticed real differences in easy, medium or hard gameplay though. The only thing you can clearly see is that easy starts 'playing' later than for example hard. If you look at an easy base, nothing happens. But after a while they act normal. Hard is harder to beat because they have more money and act faster than you (in the beginning). However, the AI does not learn from it's mistakes, so with a few hidden units you can easily beat the hard AI.

    I can't really figure out what the exact differences are (in numbers).
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