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    Need help with 2 achievements

    Hi. I'm trying to do all the achievements and there's 2 that I don't understand.
    1st, how to refer patient to collegue? Is it in the ward? If yes, my bar never moved when I refer some.

    And it's the same thing for the 10 energy gift. I send some everyday and the bar isn't going up,

    Anybody can help me?

    Thanks a lot
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    In order to refer a patient you need to attempt to send them the ward when it is full. You will get a pop up asking to refer them to a friend. A list of friends will pop up and after they accept the request you get the achievement.

    For the second one, I'm stuck on that one too. I also send energy gifts every day and have made no progress. I think it might be a bug.
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    Question about achievements... What is the actual use of them? What these points gives? So far did not noticed smth more valuable, like money or supplies, or exp, as reward when i complete them.
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    Need a quick introductory guide to House MD Critical Cases? Check out this guide created by Gamezebo! Perhaps this will help:

    Guide Link
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