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    I'm a noob with a question

    So I've been using the forum search, trying to look through manuals, but can't find the answer for any of my questions. I just got this game yesterday.

    What exactly is hotseat mode? What is the difference between hotseat, standard, and skirmish modes. There isn't any tooltip when i mouse over hotseat or standard modes in the multiplayer menu.

    As I've been playing the campaign, when I attack with my crossbowmen and mouseover the enemy to be attacked, it says how much damage I will deal in the form of "X-Y" and then next to that number will be a little symbol or two. One of them is sometimes a brickwall and I assume that means the enemy has cover, but the other little symbol is an arrow or something that looks like an arrow and it's crooked/broken in half, what does that symbol mean?
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    Okay "noob", I'll try to help ya...

    Hotseat - you're playing with a buddy, a girlfriend, in my case the wife and son - hot seat allows you to play multiplayer on the same computer. Pretty simple.

    If you're playing solo, play campaign or skirmish.

    Either way, you can control which faction you play, pick your hero from a limited stock (or make your own before you play), control how quickly you level up, etc. Play around with it. Oh, you pick your map as well.

    To your other question - if the arrow is broken when your shooter is up, it means you're going to only do limited damage. Don't let that dissuade you. It is range. There are skills you can get to improve that and artifacts you can find as well. Just shoot.

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