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    Helping My Neighbors

    I am currently unable to help my neighbors except for Michelle. I go to their farms and click on objects to assist them, but my "energy bar" keeps refilling to 4. This is keeping me from assisting neighbors and keeping me from earning IOUs. Any fix? or anyone else having this problem?
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    Have you received any gifts from your neighbors? I can help my neighbors but no neighbors can help me. I can't get any of the neighbors that I invited from this forum to show up on my neighbors. Have you had this problem?
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    Nope, all of my neighbors are showing up and gifting me. They are also appearing at my farm and helping me. Everytime i go to their farm, it will let me perform actions but never actually "complete" helping them. So i never get the reward and I don't know if they are getting my help.
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    If you don't mind me asking how did you get your neighbors? I can't get deeds without neighbors. I can't expand my farm without deeds.
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    I also get the original poster's problem, but only some of the time. On other days, helping neighbors works correctly and generates energy and ious as it should.
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    I get the original poster's problem as well ... not every day and not every neighbor, but it happens frequently

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    I'm having this same un-finishable neighbor issue EVERY day... some days, I will get through about half of my 50 neighbors' farms properly, but at some point EVERY day, this glitch will keep refilling the energy bar and I can't get the energy I so desperately need. It's also preventing me from leveling my "Pal Level" quite a bit. I am not the only one of my neighbors that is having this problem, and it appears to be widespread, but other neighbors of mine don't appear to be affected, as they are posting the "helped a pal" bonus, which is lucky for me, as clicking on their links is about the only way I'm able to refill my energy while I'm waiting for the Stable Hand Huts to refill.

    Please fix this problem soon: it's severely affecting my game play. Thank you.

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    I agree wholeheartedly with the previous poster: problem is widespread, hella annoying and gameplay inhibiting. Please fix this!
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    ! I just noticed that the friends I have this energy issue with are the friends in the 8 hour cooldown after I've used their help for competitions earlier. Neighbors I haven't used function correctly when I visit. Are the two related? Almas_acres, Jenbunny, can y'all confirm?
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    i would have to say that most definitely does seem to be the problem at least for me. I didn't have any trouble with helping anyone today, but I also haven't used the competitions yet because I got on the computer much later then usual.
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