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    Legends of Eisenwald

    Ave Heroes !

    For those who like HoMM turn-based gameplay, you might want to have a look at Legends of Eisenwald, developed by Aterdux Entertainment.

    This game is actually on a Kickstarter drive and look very promising.
    Please just take a few minutes ( 6 ) to watch this video before eventually following the previous link for more screenshots, videos, details and comments by the team.

    So why open a thread in the off-topic forum of the Might and Magic franchise ?
    Because Legends of Eisenwald is almost funded and, as a backer, I really wish Aterdux will get enough money to finish and polish it.
    After hundreds of hours on HoMM III and more recently Heroes VI, LoE seems to be a great continuation but won't be released soon if he doesn't meet a minimum community.
    So HoMM fans would be very helpful on this one.
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    Ave again ! As a reminder, I wanted to let you know that Legends of Eisenwald have successfully reach his funding goal Saturday.

    With 7 days to go until the end of this Kickstarter project , Aterdux is setting some stretch goals :
    Details can be found in this update.

    "Castles upgrade" sounds like "Town screen" to me, something desperately missing from Heroes VI.
    That would definitely be interesting to have upgrades appearing on this part of Legends of Eisenwald :
    More details about global gameplay on this page

    And what about the music :

    Hope to see some of you on the Kickstarter project !
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    Ave Heroes !

    Legends of Eisenwald Kickstarter's project is now 63 Hours away from the end.

    First stretch goal have been achieved :

    has also offered us some great wallpapers like this one:
    Different resolutions are available here :

    Just in case you're not aware of the last updates, there is a new $35 tier which include :
    • 2 Digital DRM-free copies of Legends of Eisenwald for PC ( yes, 2 copies )
    • 1 Digital DRM-free Collectors Edition of Discord Times, the first game by Aterdux
    • Access to Beta for both copies of LoE
    • Digital soundtrack
    • Free access to all future Legends of Eisenwald content including new scenarios, Map Editor, new characters and inventory.

    Some backers were concerned about what Aterdux means by "all future content" and it refers to future expansions and everything that cannot be done before release.
    Of course if the pledges grows enough before monday they'll can make a better game and future content will be for new stuff

    Hope you'll find your way to Eisenwald !
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    Last update before the end of this project on Kickstarter : so far Legends of Eisenwald raises nearly $81.000 and there's only 5 Hours left.

    The reward chart :

    Anything goes
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