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    My horse retired too early?

    One of my bred horses (my second bred horse, a Saddlebred), Thelma, which had 10 age points, suddenly retired at 8 age points yesterday when I was playing Horse Haven (May 3rd). Though it is not clear what caused this, it happened when I used the small round pen for saddle seat training. I wish I had a screenshot of her before this happened, but I don't. I have a screenshot of my breeding mastery for Saddlebreds (3/4), but the "insert image from computer" option decided not to cooperate with me.


    I wish I could provide more information at this point, but this is the best I can do.
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    No, it will say 10 age points but when you first start out they retire at age 8. After you improve breed mastery, the age will increase. It will tell you how old they will retire when you name them--I always add this to their name so I won't forget.
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    Either way, there is a problem. Either the age point system needs to be clarified or there is a glitch. By the way, my breed mastery has increased and is 3/4, unless you're implying it increases beyond 4/4. When my horse was an adult, the age points said "7/10" and then suddenly retired her at "8." That's normal? I find that hard to believe. My first bred horse retired at 8, but her age limit actually was 8, unlike the horse I have now, whose age limit was 10 before the game glitched out. If they're supposed to retire at 8 at 3/4 mastery, then the limit should not say 10.
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    Yes, that is normal. Age points where #/# just means the actual 'level' of your horse and what treats they require, it has no correlation to your horse's retiring age. Each age group for a horse has different treat requirements--that is what the horse's age fraction pertains to. Yes, your breed mastery needs to Level Up beyond 4/4...Mine is at level 11 with 16/17 breeding badges used or something close to that. Leveling up breed mastery levels up your breed, which makes yoru horses retire later. It is confusing, but once you get the hang of it it does actually make sense. Different breeds means you start over for that particular breed, too. So saddlebreds, Standardbreds and QHs all have their own breed mastery.
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    Here's the breed mastery levels...

    Here's a retired horse where it says she retired at LEVEL 3--which means AGE POINTS, NOT BREED MASTERY. That's important to remember.

    Here is an ADULT horse, NOT Retired! Currently at level 4 with age points.
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    Hmm...I guess that makes sense, then. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
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