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    Chaos Theory - Shadowing the Guard Problem on PS3

    I've just started playing chaos theory hd on the ps3 and love it. The only problem I'm having is the sensitivity of the analog stick when sneaking. This wasn't much of a problem on the pc version due to the fact that you could just roll the mouse wheel until you were happy with the speed Sam was moving and then move around freely without worrying about it.

    The problem on the ps3 is that you have to position your thumb in the right way to get a certain speed. The main area where this is giving me trouble is in the bank when trying to follow the second guard through the lasers. If you push forward too hard he hears you moving whereas if you are too slow he gets away through the lasers and you miss your chance to shadow him. One slip and it's over.

    To better describe what I mean here is the method that I usually do the bank level:-

    - Switch the lights off at the left hand side of the bank
    - Circle around the bank climb to the roof open the roof hatch and climb into the bank
    - Get past the lasers where you land and go into the left hand doorway of the 2 entrances opposite the main entrance to the bank
    - Sneak upstairs and shadow the first guard through some lasers
    - This guard will then stop and talk to the other guard in this area at which point you can do a split jump and wait for the first guard to leave
    - Then I drop down and as soon as the second guard turns to start walking I shadow him which is the point that is giving me trouble

    The point I'm talking about is at 05:20 on this video:-

    Any ideas?
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    Whoops wrong forum. Can the mods please move this to the legacy console forum? Sorry about that.
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