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    Rayman 4 prototype

    This is my topic, in which im telling a very strong opinion of mine about Rayman. Read it carefully before replying!

    I have a very strong opinion how the Rayman game that will come after Legends should be made. I would really want that they would release the cancelled Rayman 4 of 2006 that was replaced by Raving Rabbids. Of course they could improve the graphics a bit and add something, but the main idea would be the same. Let me tell ya why.

    The Rayman 4 was going to probably be the best Rayman game ever. Michel Ancel was the head of the development. The story had introduced some new characters including Raymans girlfriend. It was gonna be a real story of courage. In an intreview which was also on an finnish game magazine, Ancel said that Rayman has to save his girlfriend, his old enemies girlfriend as well as his old enemy (Mr Dark or Andre maybe).

    In the same intreview Ancel also said that the player can explore the environments more freely and use different things. Imagine Rayman fans. You could return to Raymans beautiful world, like in prievous games, but this time you could really EXPLORE it and roam freely. Doesnt that sound great?

    Rayman could also ride HUGE creatures, like a big eagle, an ennormous spider, a rhino. According to one soundtrack that Drolpiraat found, maybe even CARMEN THE WHALE!!! That will surely beat riding Moskito and The Walking Shell.

    But one thing i hope is that they wouldnt chanche the enemy. I hope that they keep the original Rabbids. I know that lot of Rayman fans hate the Rabbids. I do too, but i mean the ORIGINAL ONES! You know the hairier and bitter zombie like bunnies, that were gonna be the real enemies. They are completely different, than the current Rabbids that even got their own series. They are not wacky, not annoying, not making the DAAAAAAAAAAH scream. They are evil, bitter and dangerous. They are actually pretty intresting enemies, because according to the GBA version of RRR and the games early description, the rabbids were originally very peaceful, but were bullied by wilder creatures. They couldnt take it anymore and started a plan that they were doing for a very long time, even before the events of Rayman 1. That makes them enemies that you dont actually hate right away, while other enemies of the series can be very hatable like Razorbeard and his Robopirates, because they were just EVIL! But the rabbids actually are evil because of bitterness. They want to revenge! That same feature actually made Reflux an intresting nemesis. He also wanted a revenge and that caused his enormous power and size in the final battle.

    There are not just Rabbids in the cancelled R4. Theres also an Emperor Rabbid who was probably their leader. And the two ENORMOUS Rabbid ships. A Rabbid ship like that is the final boss in RRR GBA, so it might have been also final boss in R4. Imagine Rayman battling that GIGANTOR. I MEAN THAT TITAN IS BIGGER THAN BIG MAMA! THAT COULD BE THE GREATEST BOSS BATTLE IN VIDEOGAME HISTORY!!!

    And i think that the wacky DAAAH Rabbids having their own series is not a problem. They are not the same. Ubi Montpellier can just give a different name for the cancelled rabbids. Like Bitter Bunnies instead of Raving Rabbids. And if thats not enough to separate these two rabbit kinds, Michel Ancel could redesign them to look even more bitter and scary. How about bunnies that are rounder and fatter and bigger and dark grey or brown in colour. And big eyebrows and NOSES! Then they will have NOTHING to do with the annoying, stupid, wacky Raving Rabbids!

    My opinion about that i so strong, that i wanted to make it its own topic, instead of a reply. I WANT TO PLAY THAT GAME SO MUCH! I WANT!!! PLEASE MONSIEUR ANCEL!

    Thanks for reading. Does anyone agree with me?
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    Hi,I agree with you,but question,can I give some rayman 4 ideas?
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