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    R.U.S.E. 2 Ubisoft is there going to be one? + Advice for R.U.S.E. 2

    Hello all i would like to talk about R.U.S.E. I love this game and i think this would be Great if a new one came out i would buy it. i would greatly appreciate it if we could get a answer but untill then i have some ideas for Ruse. 1 put in a warship base so users now have a method of using the sea to an advantage+ if you do add torpedo planes . 2 you could make bigger maps for a long play like the 60+ minute games because i love long drawn out battles and i think others would like them too. 3 put in the actual help and chat into the Ubisoft beta and more items and achievments to unlock for new stuff . 4 maby add 2 modes like a WW2 mode and a Modern Mode with all modern troops tanks and such. 5 lastly i would be so happy if anyone has more suggestions and put them in a comment below.

    Thank you Ubisoft for this Cutting Edge Strategy game that in the light of me hasn't been made in a while
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    they should put a pacific theater and a rusian campign, also a battle over britin would be nice
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    i say why do that. They should go a little father back like Civil war or to something back then or little back cuz it would make it too where battles could last long and fewer units and yeah or even go to the revolution war where theres lots of nations
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    i like ruse alot i have ps3 i wanna play with ppl online but no one is on like ever and i want too know anyother games like RUSE cuz it was good
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    Originally Posted by jordansooner Go to original post
    I like ruse alot. I play the game on the PS3. I want to play with people online, but it seems like no one is ever online. Also I would like to know about other games like RUSE, because in my opinion it was good.
    Well, try these ones:
    Company of heroes
    Order of War
    Wargame: European escalation
    Men of War

    I don't know why it seems that nobody is online. You could also just buy the PC version. On PC enough players are online.
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    R.u.s.e 2 should be the pacific, because you would be able to use ships, submarines and so on. Or vietnam
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    Awesome guide! Thanks for sharing with us!

    Awesome guide! Thanks for sharing with us!
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    i agree i hope they make another one
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