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    Blood choice not allowed???


    I just got the game and every time it asks me to make a blood/tears choice, it defaults to the tears choice and trying to click on the blood choice doesn't work? It says I have a choice, but the only one it will let me choose is tears (it looks like the blood choice ****on is greyed out)?!?!? I've tried everything I can think of to choose blood in three different decisions now and was forced to choose tears all three times just to get out of the dialog and continue the game???

    Is this a bug or am I overlooking something obvious?
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    The censors bleeps out the version of the word "but" that has two t's at the end even if those four letters are part of another legitimate word?!?!?!? REALLY??? Would that word actually offend anyone even if it was actually intended to mean someone's rear end (which in this case it wasn't)? LOL
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    Are you creating a hero? The blood or tears path is generated by the skills the heroes use during a scenario. You have to get either 250 points in tears or blood first to get the tier one. If you are creating a hero the choice of blood or tears path is just to set the hero up.

    If you have gotten 250 points in tears then your hero will be on the tears path at tier one and there will be an arrow up next to the reputation bar for enlightenment. If you have gotten 250 points in blood you will be able to get blood path. Without those points there is no choice to be made yet.
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    Ya, I laughed at the **** thing when I first saw it. Anyways, I think you're at the point where you're still playing the tutorial missions with Slava. This is the only case where you cannot choose the path for yourself. If you are beyond this point, I'm not sure what is going on. I've never heard of that problem.
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    If I remember right the Duke Slava in the first tutorial campaign is set to Tears so you can't choose Blood with him. In the following campaigns you can choose Blood or Tears as you choose.
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    Thanks guys! Yea, I'm in the second tutorial mission. =) Still seems kind of odd to OFFER you a choice and then not let you actually CHOOSE? heh
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