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    4v4 Squad Tournament

    Ghost Recon Future Soldier is not even realeased yet and we are planning our first tournament for this game. We have opened up our desk for team registration and you can expect to see game rules and formats shortly after the game is released in May. Please visit http://evogames.ca and hit our forums for squad registration. This tournament will be held on both Platforms on June 8th. Please Stay tuned for further details upon game release.

    PSN Contact: TactPro

    XBOX Contact: EVO KNIGHT
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    Sent a sign up request.

    Just to point out you have grey text in a grey text box so anything you write is unreadable until you highlight it.
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    if it was 6v6 siege then that would be cool
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    A bit more info about the tourney.

    1: There are no entry fees or cash prizes. The winning team will get a championship banner/sigs and a featured article on our websites. the article will be an interview of sorts, And with 4000+ hits a day the winning clan will gain notoriety.

    2: The tournament is a one day event and is a 4v4 only. You can register your team anytime, Rosters will remain open to edit up until the final Thursday before the tournament.

    3: This is an online tournament and its for both platforms.

    4: Start time is 3pm est.

    5: Punishment for cheating is expulsion from the tournament. We dont know yet of any glitches, so those will be determined when the game is released. A snapshot is good but video is even better for proof.
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    Originally Posted by FsLionheart Go to original post
    Sent a sign up request.

    Just to point out you have grey text in a grey text box so anything you write is unreadable until you highlight it.
    Thank you for letting me know about the grey lines. All registrations are done thru our forums on the Ghost Recon section. The clan registration on evogames.ca is for clans looking to become part of our community. Clans in our community have access to leagues and prize tournaments.
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    Any plans for anything 6v6?
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    We plan on setting up full on clan tournaments and leagues to. 6v6 or 8v8 what ever ubi decides to cap it at.
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    June 8th.......a Friday afternoon at 2pm CST?

    Dam shame it's put on when working people...are...well...okay we're not really working as I'm posting now, but hey we're at least in our offices :P
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    You know what, I totally screwed the pooch on the time Sry lol. My brain is fried fro all these **** hour in putting in at work. Anyways we haven't set up an official start time yet. But I assure you that this tourney will be in the evening sometime between 7-9 pm est. depending on how many EU teams we get in.

    Sorry for the confusion.
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    As Tact stated above we will be supporting this game in a big way. Our events are all hosted by an admin/staff member and your experience will be smooth throughought the event.
    Once the game launches we will isolate the most popular game modes and settings and go from there.
    I suspect that we will have several events on rotation all based on a different game mode.

    One final thing of note:
    Our company website is being re designed over the next month and what you see now is a temporary mock up that " gets the job done". We are trying to make the site more functional and your experience smoother.

    For now use the forums as a communication tool to reach out to me/us and become a part of our growing commnity.

    I am are excited to see the launch of this game and look forward to getting involved with the community even more.
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