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    Everyone read if your getting GRFS

    Ok so who ever is getting this game. We all need to agree with each other on Ubisoft making more servers on launch day.. This will be a game that will sell big and most likely the servers will be slow for a couple days on multiplayer... So hopefully this message gets out there.. Post if you agree with me.. There will be midnight releases for you hardcore gamer"s out there like me
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    Future Soldier doesn't use dedicated servers. This is what causes host migration during game.
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    Still using ubisoft server right? they have to make them better, so there isn't going to be a overload.
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    They have the data they need hopefully, they saw how many people were playing the beta and they know the rough estimate of people buying the game at launch via preorders and projected %'s of buyers. Nothing we need to tell them really, it's all up to them from here on out.
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