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    [Mac] Voice Problem on Myst III: Exile

    Howdy Everyone,

    I got a wild hare to screenshot Exile for an Apple TV slide show (Geek party; my peeps) -- and resurrected an old G4 to do it. I believe I have just about everything working, but I'd like to play through the game first, and I'm not getting voices out of the cinematic segments. This is what I have:

    867 MHz PowerPC G4
    Mac 10.4.11 Tiger

    I created a folder named "Exile" in my hard drive applications folder and installed the following from the 10th Anniversary DVD:

    data (Renamed from "Data" per directions from another help site)
    Myst3 Exile Prefs
    Read EULA First
    Read Instructions First

    And I installed the following from the "Myst III English" folder (also from the 10th Anniversary DVD) into the "Exile" folder (again per directions from another help site):
    Myst III Exile for Mac OS X
    Readme Mac

    I've spent the better part of a day scouring help sites for this issue, and others. Anybody have any ideas?
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    What Quick Time version are you using ?

    And are you certain you have only one version installed on your computer ?
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    Not Exile. I have Riven on an OS9 partition using the same G4. I ended up having to play Riven on my iMac using a crosstie -- for the same reason, no voice -- but I have not found a crosstie for Exile. I uninstalled Myst I after the screen shoot.
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    Oh, and on OS X (10.4.11) I'm using Quicktime 7.6.4.
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    To be honest I do know much about Mac OS.

    I have checked the manual and Quick time 5 or higher is recommanded. Maybe deleting the present version and installing an older version could make a difference. Checking for the newest driver for your sound card could be another possibility.

    It would be best if somebody who knows more about Apple computers and OS could come to your rescue with more suggestions.

    Btw, I have found an older thread with somebody having a similar problem due to a "dual processor" bug (check last post # 6 in that thread)... Click here
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    Yeah, I've only got one processor in this old G4, but thanks.
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    Soved it. I'm an idiot.

    Pshaw! The problem was due to my rather pricy, brand new Klipsch headphones! Apparently they're incompatible with desktops? At least with this old G4. The voices in the Quicktime scenes are not audible unless the center navigation ****on is pressed. Looks like I may have to get another set of headphones for desktop use. That's not what the "BestBuy" rep told me, but I'm far too trusting. I can't buy anything from that place without being misled, but that's another topic. Sorry to waste your time, everybody.
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