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    Possible new copy?

    Hello my name is Luke and a year ago I purchased IL-2 1946 from a half-priced book store and after installing it I let my brother use it. About two weeks ago I asked him for it to install on a new computer and when he handed it to me I discovered the half of the front picture was ripped off and the it was too scratched to use. I decided just to ignore my problem and play some other games until I discovered my friend has a IL-2 server and since I never played on one before I decided to see if I could finally resolve this issue. I have no reciept and the box is missing in action, however I do have a picture of the disk which should be enough to prove my credibility. All I ask is for the (Possible) Ability to receive the Steam version, as I have bought this game. The picture I took of the disk has my face on it and as such I will not share it on here, however if you can help me just send me a pm and I'll send you the picture. Thanks for your help

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    Hello. 2 possibilites here.
    1 get your brother to buy you a replacement copy. (Amazon or fleabay do cheap)
    2 download from a direct to drive site. Make sure that you get 1946.
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    Hello lukerduker123

    You can purchase a replacement key from Ubisoft Support. You will need to go to http://support.ubi.com/ and submit a ticket and you will be issued an RMA.
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