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    Tutorial Campaign 2: Unable to Attack


    So I'm at the end of the second map, I've done a bit of back-and-forth with Gehrhart's castle, killing the hero hanging out just outside the castle, then going back to restock my units (using Slava). I haven't cleared the area south of Slava's castle.

    Problem: I now cannot initiate attacks with any of my heroes.

    The first image didn't capture the mouse-icon, but as I mouse-over the baddie in front of (screen-below) the hero, I get a "No"-cross icon (like trying to hit inaccessible terrain).

    The second image shows me trying to get into Gerhart's castle: I get the sword icon here (the initiate battle one), but nothing happens when I click it. The game is otherwise functioning normally. Did I hit a special pacifist feature?

    Please give me a fix other than start the mission over again. These are long, big maps, and I'm getting really disillusioned about the playability of newer games.

    Other things of note: I'm playing on Steam, Windows 7-64bit, Graphics, sound, memory all seem fine. I don't like mushrooms or peanut ****er.

    Thanks for your help!

    Exhibit A

    Exhibit B
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    Well, pictures didn't post. I guess the descriptions will have to do.
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