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    In Match Chat commands!

    Dont know if there a post on this yet but im sure ya all want to know how to msg people in game match right?

    Ok well if someone msg you and you want to msg them back and you are in a match in the chat box put /R to msg the player that last msg you .
    if you want to chat to everyone in the match on both sides of the server put /M
    if you are in a match and want to msg one or your friends you can put /M Name where i put name but your friends name or anyone's name .
    if you want to just talk to your fireteam put /F
    if you want to change to a different public channel put /public (en)# where i put the # put the channel number you want to join like 0,1,2or 3,4,

    /r = respond to last msg you got
    /m =msg everyone in the match on both sides
    /m name =msg your friends
    /f =msg Fireteam
    /public (en)# =change global chat channel

    If anyone knows more please post and tell thx
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    /w name message works for friends as well
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    thanks buddy
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    Don't forget, you can also use comma ( , ) and period ( . ) to open Squad chat and Match chat respectively. It's a little quicker than hitting enter and then typing "/m" or "/s".
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