View Poll Results: Ghost Team or Bodark Team, and why?

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  • Ghost Team

    30 81.08%
  • Bodark Team

    7 18.92%
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    Originally Posted by Auztinito Go to original post
    I'm the good guy.
    there is no good guy, just 2 special ops teams following orders
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    i would go for Bodark its well known that Russians are more hardcore in their assault then their american counterparts
    much more violent infact Russian special forces would tear down a house with a platoon of special forces just to get a single guy in a house
    that is their fighting tactic in Dagestan

    and there is a misunderstanding that russians only use russian accessory and that american i better equipt that is not true
    infact russians has a free import/export policy for their weapons and its normal now days to use american madeequipment for their weapons so they are really
    just as good equipt but they main overtake russians has is their weapons is better in the term of reliability they hold better
    i can provide video of a fight in Dagestan where russian spec ops is using EOTECH sights on PKP and AK74m
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    i cant vote
    i like Bodark Rilfer/scout look but ghost have the ACR and M14 what to do
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    Ghosts have a couple better spawn positions in Harbor and Pipelline. However, it is much easier to spawn trap the ghosts in Market and Alpha. Every other map is pretty balanced. Now, people hate Rig as a bodark due to that one objective where the ghosts can literally snipe from their spawn. People fail to notice that the bodarks can do the same when the objective is located where the big yellow boats are. In Sandstorm, again, snipers can pick off the people trying to hack the objective from their spawn when the objective is in that sandbag-fortified area, but, bodarks can snipe the people trying to hack the objective on top of the RV. You just have to find the secrets. Weapons are fairly balanced in this game. A-91 and TAR-21 are pretty evenly matched, I guess it just depends on playstyle. Most tier 1-2 guns are pretty even. Only few weapon differences are M110-PSL, SA58 OSW-L22A2, MTS255-M1014, and the sidearms. The only different sidearms that make a difference are the OTS-33 and MP412 from Bodark and Defender from Ghosts. IMO, I believe they are both pretty evenly balanced, but I'd pick Bodark when playing engineer with my SA58 OSW, Riflemen are pretty balanced, and Ghost as a scout to use my Vector or M110.
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