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    Originally Posted by Compassghost Go to original post
    Has anyone tried the NS2000? I've been looking at it, and it has TWELVE? rounds? And fires a guaranteed ONE-SHOT for full hit?

    Sure, only 60-70 ROF, but it has like 40% more damage than the Penta-gun?
    Yep, tried it. One-shots are higher chance but still spotty due to pellet spread. 12 rounds is good but the reload is punishing as you load it one at at time, and even one shell takes a while to reload. It's not as snappy/reactive as the PM5. As per all shotguns, the HS damage is pitiful.

    Still love it to bits though, can't wait for the level 8 crit.
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    Originally Posted by SiLeNCel2 Go to original post
    I was using rhe mk16 sv for a long time, but now rarely use it anymore. The guns i prefer now are:

    1. ACR - standard version, grip, muzzle break, open reflex, extended mag.
    Has a recoil of only 20, good damage and moderate rof. It's very precise at any range, even while moving, recoil is easy to control and you can take out 3-5 opponents with one mag. out my 8 assault rifles, i found this one to be the most reliable and versatile one.
    I was considering saving for an ACR SV, but stats shows it seems a bit worse than the Mk 16 SV. Is it in reality better? The reason I'm asking is because I have an Mk 16 SV with an open reflex, but I am thinking about buying a second AR with a 3.5x or 4x to be able to switch between close and long range with the Assault class.
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    in cb3 i used a standard mk16 with a grip, phantom 1-4x and a muzzle brake. had a good mix of stability, maneuverability and accuracy. i could mix it up pretty well at close and medium range and still countersnipe to some degree when i zoomed in and switched to semi. probably caused some rage plugging sniper recons in the head for 100+ crit.

    on the specialist i used a MK46 Mod 0, basically an M249 with a lower RPM. again, with a grip, muzzle brake and a phantom 1-4x. you're probably scratching your head at that scope on a full auto only LMG, but it works out alright. a quick tap sends out 2-3 round in a tight spread. full auto is a lead hose and you'll need to compensate for the muzzle climb. you'll probably want to use ammo regen.

    on the recon i used an SR-25, the one with the built in suppressor, bipod and a 2-12x scope for sniping. some people frown at the SR-25 due to it's high rate of fire and accuracy but i like having the option of a fast followup shot and it also doubles as a long range suppression weapon if you happen to have a spec running ammo regen nearby.

    when not sniping, i used an MP5 SD for a long time till i finally got an MP7 just before cb3 ended. Open reflex, extended clip, and i think a grip. the MP5 is decent, especially if you level it for more crits. the mp7 is a lead hose, definitely need the extended clip pronto.

    as far as pistols go, the USP 45 seems to be the better early game weapon. i had some of the others and didn't really care for them.
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