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    Need info on Myst IV Revelation

    I recently purchased a copy of Myst IV Rev. and loaded Disk 1 & 2. Now it asks for a CD-Rom disk and there is nothing else in my case to load IF I'm understanding the request correctly. I thought I purchased the whole game but maybe that is why it was discounted. :-)

    If I am short of the whole game does anyone know how I can find or purchase the rest of the game? Can't find it anywhere on the game website that disk 1 took me to. Can anybody give me some insight on what I can do? The game looks interesting and I'd like to try it. Thank you Sherry
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    I''m not sure what your exact situation is. The game requires only two discs. You should have had an option when installing between complete install and another option that I cannot now remember, but it was less than the complete install. Provided you have room, the complete install is the way to go. As I recall, when both discs have been installed you are given an option to start the game. It should just open on the start window at that point. If not you can use the icon that the should have appeared on the desktop.

    The part about asking for a CD rom I don't understand at all. Once the game is installed there should be no problem. Are you sure the installation was complete?
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    @ Sherry320

    Are you very certain it is asking for CD #3 ? Because as far as I know Myst 4 comes with 2 DVDs. Have you carefully read the onscreen demand ?

    Are you using a DVD drive for installation ? One way to test is to rent a DVD movie and see if it works.

    If you have 2 DVDs it might be asking you to put back one of them because of missing files. That could mean that the DVDs are dirty and need to be cleaned. (even if they are new)

    Myst 4 installation can be a very long and slow process. (up to 8 GBs for full installation so one has to be very, very patient and should have closed all other applications before installation)
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    Unless you've installed the no-dvd patch, you need to insert DVD 2 to start the game even if you've done a full install.
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