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    Map Sizes - Are people happy?

    Just wanted to find out what people think about the map sizes.

    My personal opinion is that they should be maybe 30% wider as a general rule. The choke points get very clustered at times and this can lead to stale sniper battles. Whilst i understand that teamplay helps to negate these issues in places the D flag on the underground level really seems alot like op met from bf3 (monster choke point) and i think it would be nice to have a slightly less open way to navigate. All in all im pretty happy with map construction and barring a few issues like the bullet penetration being a little off, the cover points that have been placed are well worked.
    Just my 2 cents on this subject.

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    Big_Ghost_Daddy's Avatar Member
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    I think the maps are well designed.

    What I would like to see more though, are those sneak paths (like ducts or sewers).
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    Maps are fine but I miss some bigger maps too.. But I think those we have to wait till future soldier comes live.
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    In my opinion there should be more ways as Big_Ghost_Daddy suggested. The few routes are often camped by snipers which makes it some times to hard for an assault to attack.

    One example is when you want to attack point B on the underground map when you come from A.
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    In my opinion maps are well designed and there should just minor fixes for the final game (spawncamping/killing etc.). Even tho there are some choke points atm where few snipers can stop the whole attacking team. But since GRO is designed to be a teamwork based tactical game it can be forgiven. There are special abilities for every class just for those reasons alone: snipers can be avoided with aegis/heat or just being agile. And I think that when Ubisoft fixes stairs glitch and other exploits that almost every sniper uses these days, it is going to be much easier to attack/defend objectives.

    Bigger maps would make the game boring! Now it's almost nonstop action from first second to the last fired shot (AND I LOVE IT!). I would hate to run for minutes in a bigger map just to get shot by a camping sniper in the bushes. And lastly: bigger maps = bigger teams.
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    im not sure i agree bigger maps = bigger teams. Imo bigger maps = ghost recon
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    I like small maps but it's not cool if you have only 1 or 2 extremely long paths that are totally overcamped by snipers.
    I would like some more ways to get to the points, so it's not obvious from where you will come and if they camp one spot you can come from an other, split your team, rush 1 side or something like that, would be cool
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    The size of maps is good as it is, and so are the possible ways.
    Bigger maps means more unprotected paths the enemy can use to sneak behind your team, ergo your team need more members or more solokiller.
    I think bigger teams or more solorambos to protect every possible path are not mentioned for this game.
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    I'd say I'm fairly happy with the map size, but a few extra paths would be nice
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