I play often to this Heroes VI with a friend and we are really piss off with your chat system... When the last patch came out, we can't talk to each other in the in-game chat (the one that pop when u create the game). In that chat, it's like we are both alone, but this is wrong 'cause we are actually playing together... Fix this men... Sending chat throught the Friends list is almost impossible, we always get to PLAYER OFFLINE message... hopeless. Should be so hard just to talk to each other guys.

Second point, the market between ally. We always have to click click, right click, click elsewhere... THEN we get to get that f@ck$ng little green slash to be able to send ressources. Because at first try, it never work, like we don't have ressources avaible.

Insipre yourself form b.net guys! That multiplayer system rock the sh%t right in your face. Even the one from Starcraft 1, you know the one created back in '92... c'mon!

To finish on a good note, overall, that game is awesome, just a few lil bug that ruins multiplayer system...