As I'm sitting here twiddling my figures i thought maybe i throw out some ideas they could throw into the customization part of this AMAZING game

  • Character Customization
  • Different kinds of characters maybe like Heros kind of thing
  • Maby you could have badges that you can put on you'r character
  • Clothes/Armor (clothes is like fashion and armor is armor)

  • Weapons Customization
  • I was thinking maby little things thta hang on your gun like a lucky charm kind of thig (a.k.a tag)
  • change color
  • design of the gun (ex. zebra stripes)
  • change kind of sights or rectile
  • change color of sights/rectile

  • In-Game Features
  • Change color of the line that connects to teammate
  • change color of health bar and stuff

thats just a couple of thigs tell me what you guys think