I want to sell The Archangel Michael + Might and Magic VI PC never open.
So, I want you to give me prices for sell to you the package.
The international shipping cost of the package is about 52€ .

The reason because I sell this figure + the game, Is because It's a reward of a contest.

The details of the figure are this:
Michael, one of the most iconic of Might & Magic franchise now becomes a legend to this figure of 27 cm, handmade in great detail.

• Limited to 500 units
• Get the 100 UDS limited than in Spain
• Dimensions: 37cm high, 61cm wide in total, only the figure (without wings): 26cm, base: 3.5 cm
• Weight: 5 Kg
• Material used: Polirresin

So, if you are interested, contact with me.