I Am A Firm Believer That The Energy Portion Of Games Are A Waste Of Customers Real Dollars. People As Of Now Most Are Struggling To Make Ends Meet And Games Are Away Of Escaping Real Life.. But Since Most Games Want Users To Pay More Than It's Worth For Energy Items Which I Would Deem The Worst Addition To Any Facebook Game.
It Is And Will Always Be A Major Turn Off For A Customer. I As A Paying Customer Would Rather Spend My Money On Upgrades And Expansions Or Rare Additions To My Stables Than Pay For A Minor Bit Of Energy To Play The Game.. It's Like A Slap To The Face Of Those Who Open There Wallets To Any Facebook Game.
Wouldn't You Rather Have People Playing The Game More..I Mean Lets Be Serious Here...More Time Spent Playing Could In Return Make More Dollars Than Making Users Have To Wait or Fork Over More Money Just To Get What...2-5 More Minutes Of Play Time Is Just A Waste Of The Players Time.
Instead Of Robbing Players Blind For Energy Needs Why Don't You Rise Above The Rest And Add Something Most Facebook Games Ignore.. Actual Content That Will Keep Players Enjoying Your Game For Hours Instead Of Minutes.
So I Say..
No To The Energy Portion Of The Game. It's Not Fun And I Won't Spend Real Money For It..
I Will Spend Money On Games I Can Enjoy More Than A Few Minutes Without Having To Constantly Pay For Energy Items..