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    Do people still play rainbow six vegas 2 (co-op and multiplayer) on ps3?


    Recently,I have been getting interested in rainbow six vegas 2 and wanted to buy it,but i'd like to check before if people still play the co-op or multiplayer on ps3,because then it'd be of no use.
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    I'm going to buy it tomorrow.. wish I would have bought it on release date.. looks bad ***
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    It is badass. I'm downloading it right now from my downloads list. I bought this game twice it's so badass, and rented it a million times before that. Hope to see you in terrorist hunt. Add me psn: meetreez
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    I still play coop Terrorist Hunt sometimes, but rarely play multiplayer
    My gt is mysticaly74 if you want to play sometime, but I'm in GMT+1 timezone..
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    I started playing yesterday because I wanted something to get me in the mood for Counter Strike GO. I figured £5 wasn't too big a gamble, and at the very least I could play the Terrorist Hunt game if no-one else was on line.

    However, I was pleasantly surprised at how many people were playing.

    I was really impressed by the gameplay and will be on again soon!
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    I do.
    I think this is the most wonderluf co-op game I've ever played with.
    After 4 years, I'm still at it every Summer Vacation.
    Our Team, Punkbusters, has a forum with an English post for non French speaking people, reachable at
    See you there !
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    im getting that game today an i really want more friends on ps3 that play that game. im new to ps3 add me if your cool people. PSN ID: IMorticiaAddams add me if you want to play sometimes. i might be online all the time i loved this game on xbox 360 but someone took it :/
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    I got on ps3 about three months ago just to look around. I saw the same people from when I used to play still hosting the same map they were in 2008 lol. But yes, there are still people on coop and multiplayer, not very many but there's enough.
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    I've began playing it again, add me up. (PS3)

    PSN: vioReality
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    any indian players multiplayer match??
    i searched for games at gmt 5:30 (indian time 5 pm) .. there were no multiplayer games online!!!
    WTF plz Play online it badass game!!!
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