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    A friend of mine have helped on my ranch so the picture of her is on my bakery and it wont go away. So i cant use my bakery at all and i have tried 2 move it but cant do that. Have restarted the game and its still there and blocking my bakery =< Have tried the whole day 2 fix it but now i give up. I need my cookies!!

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    Instead of hitting "accept", deny her help. You won't get the bonus, but the picture will go away and you'll be able to use it. If you can't get the 'accept/deny' window, then that's definitely a problem!
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    Ya i came up with the thing just before i saw this. Was just about 2 take it away. So now its just the friens problems on friends ranch and the errors when sending for help or share. But i guess we just have 2 wait a bit more =)
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    Yep...lots of waiting and hoping. Just want to be able to breed again!
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