guitar tricks just put up a ton more songs to their video library.
including 2 hendrix songs, queen, eagles, brian setzer, foghat, it is a 14 buck a month sub, but the vids are top quality. (you can loop and repeat sections of the vid. )with all the tabs als its not just one video glossing over the song, its broken down so for example,
fat bottomed girls by queen is 9 videos long

introduction, quick summary of the song and techniques, 1:30 long
tones an tuning , goes over effects used in songs and any special tunings 1:50 long
intro riff, 6:10
guitar break 6:30
chorus 5:16
guitar break 2 2:22
verse 3 leads 3:23
guitar 1 outro 8:02
outro section leads 3:00
performance (whole song played thru showing all the guitars playing) 4:40
jam along(whole song played with guitar tracks muted) 4:30

usualy each section has him play a part up to speed, then break down what he's doin, then play it about half speed, then one more at full speed.

honestly i dont get paid to promote these dudes, i just think its the only site that comes close to this level of detail instruction and this ammount of content, and you law abiding citizens can rest easy its all properly licensed.

also besides the songs they have tons of technique videos and artist studys

so studys in the style of the likes
bb king
chet atkins
angus young
albert king
keith richards
kirk hammet

some artist studys are more indepth than others, but they are all interesting.

so ya thats my infomercial for today.

if you guitartrick guys see this an wanna comp me a month for promoting i'm cool with that