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    Not Receiving items after helping friends

    hello. I am currently experiencing a lack of energy and IOUs. I've helped at least 8 of my friends so 8 * 3 energy = 24 energy(which is over my max right now, but that's aside the point) when I return to my ranch, i do not have anymore energy than what the timer countdown for energy has added. Nor do I have any IOUs when I received the notifications that for helping this friend I get +3 energy and +1 IOU.


    is my facebook link.
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    I also have not been getting IOUs from helping friends, I am trying to finish my bakery, and although It shows up that I should recevie the IOU when I help out a friend and get the thing to share, my inventory does not refelct any new IOUs, and the amount needed to complete my bakery has not changed either. I have everything else to complete the bakery, but I cannot get IOUs at all, no matter how many friends I help.

    my FB is http://facebook.com/rorhi
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    Same issue with IOUs as well as receiving gifts.
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    I have the same problem with the IOU's. Also when helping friends sometimes the "friend-help-energy" level keeps jumping up to four; which allows me to maybe remove 7-15 weeds etc, until there are no more active areas; and thus i never use up all "friend-help-energy" and get my IOU and 3 extra energy points.



    FB: account http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001744636984
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    Still no IOU's.
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