This is an updated and expanded version of my previous Office Posters Fix mod. The changes made can be seen below.

The first change is removing the two Navy recruiting posters in the Captain's Office. Why have them there when anyone in the office would already be in the Navy? Another change is the pinup girl in the hallway, which you could only see partially when opening the door. By editing the mapa02 and mapa03 files in the “Data/Textures” folder, the SeaBees recruiting poster on the wall next to the map has been moved out in the hallway. Replacing it is a framed photo of FDR. The recruiting poster under the window on the left side wall has been replaced by the pinup from the hallway.

The next change is the Pacific map. The old map included on it the limit of Japanese expansion, noted certain battles, even had on it that Japan surrendered on August 14th, 1945! Not something you should be seeing in say, 1941. So I've edited the file and replaced it with another map, which actually is from 1941.

Next is the office wall clock. I've taken the file from my 24 Hour Clocks mod and put it in here. This will add the 24 hour military time numbers to the clock. Note that due to the size of the clock in-game you won't really be able to read the numbers, but you can tell they're there like they're supposed to be.

Finally, is the view out the windows. I've gotten tired of seeing the same battleship all the time. Plus it makes no sense to see a U. S. battleship outside if you're based in Manila, Australia, or one of the later war bases if you're using RSRDC. So I've included 8 replacements for the file. 3 are of just sky and clouds, 5 include palm trees and such. Example jpegs are included, and can also be seen here.

Includes both high and low resolution images. Install using JSGME.

This mod can be used with stock 1.5, RSRDC, and TMO.

Note for RFB users: While that mod doesn't fix the office clock, and still uses the stock Pacific map, it makes other changes in the office that you will lose if you use this mod.


Download from Mediafire:

or from's download area (requires free registration) under Graphics Mods.