There are many problems with team matchmaking in ACR, not JUST the obvious core problem.

Grouping 2 or 3 players means almost no chance of getting a game.
4 players will almost inevitably end up with 2 vs. 2 instead of keeping the players together.
4 players is too few when starting a game, because as soon as one player leaves, it ends the game for lack of players.
Creating a team automatically locks the group into hosting, meaning it's impossible for two organised teams to meet through the in-game matchmaking.

What SHOULD happen is what was ASKED FOR after seeing how badly this system failed during the beta. And what we expanded on when we found out more details about just how epic a fail that was. And what was PROMISED ALONG WITH A DEADLINE THAT PASSED FOUR MONTHS AGO.

Teams should be kept together if they want to be. A team of four meeting 3 randoms is no more difficult than a single random meeting 3 others. Putting teams into the matchmaking system instead of designating each team as a lobby would also have been a less completely moronic idea. In ACB, when I was playing alongside one other Reckoner after the rest of our Manhunt team had left, meeting another 2-man team and being paired up vs. a full 4-player team was AWESOME fun. Meeting new people who also knew how to coordinate... Playing against complete strangers who work together better than the usual randoms... What's not to like? Why would they remove that?

And I'd personally rather wait for 6 people to join a lobby before starting than have the game start as soon as there are 4, but end again if a single person drops. I understand that they're trying to speed the game's matchmaking up, but, as proven with the massive decline in players after the matchmaking "fix" in ACB, doing it in ways which compromise the quality of the experience isn't the way to do it.

Also, when they DIRECTLY AND PUBLICLY STATED THEY'D BE CHANGING IT BEFORE THE BEGINNING OF THIS YEAR, they should have followed through on it.

And I don't see why you'd think I'm "whining" unless you don't know what that means. Not all negative feedback is whining. If someone's complaint can be boiled down to "it's different and I don't understand" when pressed, then it's whining. Having a point to make isn't whining.