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    :confused: several issues with Uplay and me

    I use to play GRAW 2 a long time ago and I think I connected my XBLA account to a uplay acount. If this is the case, then I cannot remember my uplay account info that my XBLA account is connected to. I now want to connect my XBLA account to my current Upay account but can't find out how. If it is possible to connect from GRAW 2 then I think I am screwd. I have conntacted support about this but a few days have passed and nothing so far. I cannot see why I can't connect my XBLA to my Uplay from the WEBSITE. The whole system is complicated and unforgiving so far. I would very much like to use a uplay for GRFS but things are looking grim. Any assistance that doesn't involve "ubi support" would be great.
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    Hi, by playing any Uplay enabled game you can connect your Xbox 360 to Uplay. If you can't remember the details for your account then the best thing is to contact support, you can re-open a ticket by adding more information.
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