Just noticed I can't scroll right or left on any of my horse's mastery levels. Here's a screencap:

1. Still this: when breeding, if you shift a trait to 100%, highly likely it WON'T happen...I used 4 breeding baddges to make a flaxen tobiano mare (100% on both shifts), and I ended up with a plain chestnut. Which brings me to my next point....

2. ABILITY TO SELL HORSES! Or send them over the rainbow at any age! Anything, so we aren't forced to mess with a horse we hate until it is 37 years old. I don't mind if there's no XP/$ value in retiring them early, but I would just like to get rid of 'em

3. LIGHT CHESTNUT in Quarter Horse Breeding coat modification doesn't work.

4. When working at a friends' ranch, often times it will not allow me to click on anything. Not sure what the hang-up is.

5. How is one to keep track of the places we work to collect salaries? Is there somewhere in game that shows where we work for our friends, or should I have kept notes...because now I have NO idea.