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    Splinter Cell Conviction pc game

    Has anyone ever beat the game? And does anyone want to play the game with me? I'm debbie by the way.
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    Hello Debbie366... well, to answer your question "Has anyone ever beat the game?", yes... but it's all kinda relative, because you can't really beat the game; you complete objectives relative to strategic combat styles such as all-out Rambo Style to complete H2H Stealth... it's really cool. I hope you enjoy the game as much as I do... see you on the battlefield.

    Good luck.
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    Hello i recently got this game too as i loved it to pieces when i had my xbox 360 and i have completed it loads of times, its probably the best game i have ever played but its a shame i can't find anyone to have a game with on PC. if anyone wants a game with me please add me on Steam RedCell89 or the Ubisoft game launcher for splinter cell my name is Redtop89. Thanks i hope to find people soon.
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