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    1.3 patch won't install - message says HOMM6 "not yet installed"

    Won't work through the downloaded .exe file or through running gu.exe. Either way, I get the message that HOMM6 is "not yet installed."

    Two other odd details. First, when I run gu.exe, the message that comes up as it's trying to install relates to the "closed public beta." Second, I think the patch downloaded through Steam on the first day it was released. Nonetheless, the game won't update.

    Can anyone help me?
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    Bueller? Bueller?
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    This is clearly a weird Steam problem. Have tried contacting Steam support.
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    Hi, yes please contact Steam support or you can contact Technical Support through the link in my signature.
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    I guess you have both beta client and heroes 6 game installed. Maybe you should try to uninstall beta client and main game ad delete folders created by game (install folder, profiles ect)
    after that please try to install game - it should work fine
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