video for this is in the link below

1. Recon tutorial

Classes- Sniper, Rusher, Cloaker

Sniper- Oracles
-Covers allies from a distant against enemy targets
-Laser Designator, designate targets
-spot target with way points (T)
-mark clear zones with way points (T)
-Counter Sniper (mark sniper area for allies to flank)

-Countered by close range
-Can help cap, but gives disadvantage
-Can be counter sniped and flanked

Rusher- Cloak
-Has a long range rifle (sniper) with cloak.
-Goes for one shot kills in mid range combat
-Can use cloak to get behind enemy and snipe enemy area for allys to move up

-can be rushed easily
-Countered by shotgun and blitz
-Not much close combat effectiveness (needs medium range)
-Countered by Oracle while cloaked

Cloaker- cloak
-Has a SMG for close range combat
-Needs best use of cloak to sneak past enemies and push up taking 1-3 enemies at a time
-Can flank enemy snipers (counter sniping)
-Can run into assault bubble and kill during cloak

-can be rushed easily
-needs best use of cloak
-countered by shotgun and blitz
-countered by sniper (only w/o cloak)

The reason that I think the sniper that is staying behind doesnt need a cloak
is because its only use is so that the other snipers cant see them, you can spot the sniper or just move 2 feet instead
of popping your head out again to get headshotted.

2. Cover
-During close combat its "iffy" to use cover
-IMO use of right and left hand advantage switch (Q) is better for close range
-Cover is good use for medium to far ranged combat due to increase accuracy, you
dont need mobility at far to medium ranged.
-Learn to use cover w/o the cover stick (just run by the cover) (use of right and left hand advantage)
-Learn to anticipate a flank, if you suspect an enemy is gonna try to flank, detach from cover and use right and left hand advantage. (Also communicate with your sniper)
-Slide into crouch during medium combat
-Dive (Prone) when an enemy is looking at you and you sprint to cover
-Somtimes crawling is good enough to get to cover (if your pinned), better slowly get to cover than sprint to a quick death.

3. Close range shooting, IMO dont zoom (sight in) because its the same accuracy as zoomed during close, also its good to have the
right or left hand sight advantage (you dont get that during zoom)

Medium ranged shooting, small burst fire, be zoomed, try to snap shoot in and out of cover, wait for them to shoot at someone then shoot them (cover fire)
its a 50/50 chance to kill medium ranged if you both dont move and you snap shoot at each other. (learn to communicate flanks and cover the flankers= gg enemy death)

Long ranged shooting, usually use of snipers job but can be suppresed with specialist, burst with LMG and cover with sniper rifle, same with medium range its 50/50
if you both dont move and shoot it out, (call flanks and cover them)

4. Stances

Standing-Gives less width and more height (use for high cover)

Crouch- Give more width and less high (half height little bit width)

Prone- (Hunched) more width than crouch and 3/4 hieght of crouched
-Less mobility (crawling)

Prone non cover- Double tap space to roll in direction (if you miss dive you can roll into hunched cover)

Im pretty sure the lower stance you go the more accurate you are

5. Debate-
For people that complain about the cover system, it is good to
complain because it helps the devs make it easier and more realistic (better to use)
although remember in fact that it is their game and they can do whatever they want with it,
they bring the game to us, respect that they are trying to change and do whatever they can to fix
it, (but remember its their game, thier design, their rules) we play it we dont make it. Constructive critisizm
and suggestion is good.

6. Summary, Im not a pro gamer, or the best gamer, these are just my thought and any comments or construcitve critisizm will
be welcomed. Please leave opinions in the comments below and I will try to answer as much questions and respond to statements as quick as I can.
All thoughts are welcome, I will not judge, i may agree or agree to disagree and respect your thoughts as I hope you respect mine.
Anyways NINJA IT UP! (POOF!)