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    Cover Usage and other info for GRO

    VIdeo for all this is in the link below


    Ghost recon using cover

    Cover in GRO provide accuracy with the cost of mobility/movement

    When in cover you can snap in and out of shooting for suprised killing, also hides almost the
    whole character unless moving in certain cover spots

    Certain cover spots will reveal your head while moving in (crouched cover)
    right above the cover so enemys can only see your head (headshot)

    1.(45 degree angle shots)

    45 degree angle shots leave you unprotected while in cover, this means if an
    enemy is 45 degrees to the end of cover he can still see and shoot you and your feet posibbly

    When a enemy is 45 degrees of the way the cover is facing the best thing to do is
    (detach) from cover and move back, this will lower the angle has on you and will ruin
    his view and shot.

    45 degrees, behind, or on the side of your cover is unprotected

    2.(Cover hiding/camping)

    In gro almost all of the cover hides your character from your enemies sight/view.
    You can use this to your advantage by waiting for you enemy(s) to pass then flank/shoot them.

    Cover hiding is used for situations of defense.
    Ex. When your whole team is dead and only 1 guys is with you its better
    to cover hide than to push up (push up= outnumbered) (cover hide= wait for enemy(s) to pass and flank.
    This gives your team more advantage when they reach the point since the one who got flanked on the opposing team
    will respawn in back of their capped base. Allowing your team to push the objective.

    3. (when to cover)
    Pros to Cover
    -tight space
    -more accuracy
    -snap shooting
    -cover hiding better

    Cons to Cover
    -Less movement/mobility
    -Seen at 45 degrees when at the edge of cover
    -Prone cover knee/foot sticks out
    -most people tend to not look back at flank when in cover (less sight)

    Best time to cover is when you know where your enemy is.
    Wait for him to push up and snap shot (suprise him)
    Use cover in tight spots (small pillars)

    4. (shoulder camera swap) (Q)

    Camera swapping is so important when out of cover.
    You can see a around cover just so that the enemy cant shoot you.
    Perfect for when your not in cover to see enemy b4 he sees you.

    Camera swapping allows prefiring, you see and enemy right around the corner so you start shooting so you get the first bullet off.

    No need to use cover to see around corners and cover.

    5. (Dolping diving, corner diving)

    Pros- Suprises enemy, less of your character to see (smaller)
    Cons- If far away, enemy can only see you head and shoulder (headshot easy)

    Theres talk that Ubisoft will fix dolphin diving but i'll get into it anyway.

    Dolphin diving can be used to dive around corners to shoot enemies
    Also used to dive into cover (smaller, faster moving target) (need to watch where feet is when landing enemies can shoot your feet)

    Diving into cover is important, it decreases your hit boxes height while moving into cover faster than running. (better than slide into cover or slide into crouch)

    You see an enemy around the corner and go prone, this isnt dolphin diving but it is useful.

    All these tips are just on my mind and wanted to share them with you all, please comment and tell me what you guys think and thanks for reading

    (Despite my grammar errors and whatnot)
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    Nice thanks for the info. Much appreciated. Especially the 45° visibility. You know that at a given angle, you are visible, this just puts a number on the table. Will definitely help me when I am in cover.
    Can I trade my Heat ability for a protractor? Might be more useful. Thanks again,
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    Interesting info. But mostly I experienced recons with some levels under their belts running around pretty much not using cover at all. Usually they were hiding in some dark corner behind lines picking people off. I managed to get one or two at their game, but not often. I had been using cover up to that point. After watching a number of games where the people running around without making much use of cover I decided to try the same thing. And guess what it helped, I did better using an object as cover rather than using the cover system itself. While in cover I never had time to react to individuals not in cover, now I could that I was not really using the cover system.

    Maybe it is a performance problem, everything is a little choppy and some guns or too much action brings it to a slide show. The immobility of the cover system, low performance, and most likely my crappy skills made cover almost useless, as I did better not moving into a cover position.

    I am running an older setup. Core 2 Duo E84000, 4gb Ram, GTX 460 2gb.
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    This has also been on my mind and I thought I'd let everyone in on this tactic I've been using lately.

    If you're in a situation where you are pinned down and need to move up to defend an objective, there is a saying in the U.S. Army (if I'm not mistaken) called "I'm up, he sees me, I'm down". Basically the saying is very obvious in that you should only stay in view of your enemies just barely enough for them to spot you. The method I have learned to use is slightly specific in that it requires cover close enough that you can sprint to it in a few seconds. Here's the method:

    If the enemy is pinning you down, you wait for a lull in the suppression and immediately press E from your cover. You will jump on top of your cover and you will need to IMMEDIATELY press W and Shift so that you start sprinting towards your next cover. Your guy will run off of your old cover and start sprinting, give him only a few steps of running and press Ctrl to dolphin dive. If you do this right, you will either get moderately damaged, or the rounds will fly right over your head, the latter feeling extremely awesome. Once you're on the ground slide up to your new cover and press Spacebar to take cover. Rinse and repeat as necessary.

    This is also useful for when cover is far away, but it's less effective. You would do the same thing up to the dolphin dive. Once you're on the ground, you immediately press W and Shift again to start sprinting forwards, take a few steps and then dolphin dive again. You keep doing this until you get to your new cover and you press Spacebar to cover again.

    This takes a lot of practice to get down, but it's really useful when you're outnumbered and you're waiting for reinforcements while needing to move up.
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    Hey man, you're from hawaii too?
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