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    KO clan recruiting for Ghost Recon Future Soldier

    Come check us out at theknownoutlwas.com! We are currently recruiting for GRFS on the PS3. We have a full MW3 and are looking to expand into GRFS.

    We been gaming for 6 years. We have 60+ members and never will be a 1,000+ clan. We believe a small clan is easier to get to know everyone and everyone will know rather then getting into a lobby and wondering 'who is this?' In KO you will never feel like just a number, to us you are more then that. We welcome competitive and casual gamers. We have a ten day trial period where you can get to know the clan.

    For the competitive gamers we offer strats, call outs, and how to stay alive in game. Here in KO we dont go by K/D we go by maturity and mic usage. We are willing to help members become better at the game they love. We also have teams, if you dont like how a team is ran we welcome you to make your own competitive team. Need help finding competition? We help your team find matches and tournaments.

    For the casual gamer we offer KO Nights where the clan parties all night together on one game. We have achievements that you can earn in the clan as well as events and prizes. There is a ten day trial for maturity and mic usage. Also it gives you a feel of what KO has to offer.

    Can a competitive gamer join in events? Yes, all are welcome to join in the fun and show off your skills.

    --Events (casual and competitive are always welcome to join in and show of their skills!)
    --Prizes (Microsoft points, xbox live cards, gift cards, ect.)
    -PS3 prizes!!
    --Member of the month
    --KO Nights
    --Awesome time!
    --Donations (Have a broken disk, headset, ect. Ask and you will get a donated mic, or disk so you can continue to game!)
    --Over all? Have fun!
    --Must be 16+ to join the 360 Outlaws, 18+ to join PS3 Outlaws
    --The clan is growing quickly. Once we reach sixty per console our doors will be closed!

    The games we play are MW3, BF3, Socom, Killzone 3, GRFS, and Black Ops
    What we have:
    Great members
    Awesome gaming nights
    18+ of age
    Over all fun!

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    Originally Posted by xxrockxboxxx Go to original post
    http://tw.tghq.org enough said
    should i be impressed? go get your own thread troll
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    Hi, ive read the post & Im interested in joining your clan.Im a PS3 user and I think teamwork is the best way to win a game. Im 19 and I live in spain. I have a microphone too and i think thats all. My PSN is Chjprol,feel free to add me
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    hey, you are welcome to join KO. You need to go to our website www.theknownoutlaws.com and fill out an application
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    You probably said it somewhere already, but will you be recruiting for GRFS on Xbox 360?
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    @sls no just ps3 right now
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