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    Uplay not working...

    i tried to sign into it on splinter cell conviction, and it kept saying the servers are down.
    i put in my assassins creed game and it worked fine. bot in brotherhood and revelations.
    why does stuff like this happen, i pre-ordered SC:C and had to wait two whole years for this beta, and when it gets here you guys screw me out of it.

    you are really starting to disappoint me on a daily basis Ubisoft. Get your heads in the game.
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    Hi, have you contacted Technical Support? you can do so by clicking on the link in my signature.
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    Technical support? come on, is the **** fault of Ubisoft, they do all wrong lately, Everything, all the games released with tons of bugs, unplayable and now this, they release Uplay which these stupid bugs instead of releasing it once it works fine
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