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    Can't collect bonuses!!!

    Sometimes when I click a bonus it tells me what I earned. MOST (9/10) of the time it just takes me straight to playing the game. Is this a bug?? Anyone else having this problem??
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    Me either

    I purpously did not do anything that spent money yesterday because day 5 was double your money day and with 2653 that would have been an awesome chunk of double but alas it just told me I doubled did not actually double it. I do not know if I did not receive the other bonuses as this was the only one I was paying attention to.
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    I can't get anywhere because I can't collect bonuses therefore my money goes to working on the critical patients!!! I'm very frustrated!!!
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    Hello all,

    Would you all please submit a ticket here: http://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/302-Bugs

    This way, we can track your issue directly through your FB applicaton of the game!

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