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    Originally Posted by Negrumir Go to original post
    The Fortunes pack for FC2 was an example of this. The new weapons and maps were pretty cool, but only the four new maps even had the new features in them. Since not a lot of people bought the DLC, it made it next to impossible for those that did buy it to get in a match with the maps.
    I feel sorry for anyone who bought that. Hardly anyone else bought it and it was impossible for those who did to find a match.

    And that came out shortly after release, but Ubisoft waited around 6 months to finally patch the game. Very poor community service. Let's hope they don't do that again, because all's that move by them showed is they care for the $$$ and it's your problem if the game has issues after launch.
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    Originally Posted by LAMBCHOP1972 Go to original post
    I don't want to rattle the PC Community (I hear that usually this DLC stuff is free on that platform) or was that years ago and now they are asking for fees for the tiniest stuff in games.

    Anyway just to try and get some feedback for DLC with Far Cry 3 I wondered what your thoughts are on this subject.

    There are already different Bonus Packs available for FC3 that have different content.

    Some have different weapons for single or multiplayer parts of the game.
    There is the Warrior pack with the tattoo editor that will surely be unlocked at some point anyway, and a mention of 4 new animals in single player with the Predator bonus pack.
    Lost Expeditions has 2 new single player missions that take approx 40 mins to complete.

    Would any of you guys pay to get any of that stuff separately to suit your needs if the price was right.

    And what about this.
    Say that the FC3 Editor is upgradable and they can give us new Items, (or maybe they are already on the disc but have to be unlocked with a purchase) I stopped right here when I saw this, I can kind of see how it would work but i don't think DLC should be something that makes the core game feel "limited", but rather act as an "addition" to the game which doesn't make the game you buy at retail any less complete. I believe that the editor should not have "paid for" additions simply because it would seperate people from the people who have these extra items to those who don't. This could also cause additional seperation when people decide to play the maps.
    Should Massive make 4 new multiplayer maps which all have different themes using different sets from the editor - These 4 new maps are playable in ranked multiplayer which would keep the clans happy, purchasing the DLC Pack would give you 4 new maps by the developers and 4 new whole sets of buildings / items / paint and stuff for the editor. Again I think the best way to go about releasing DLC for the game would be picking the best: played, rated and favourited maps that are out there in the community to bring into ranked play as people would clearly love these maps and would enjoy playing them in ranked matches. This pleases the community and means less work for the developer! I think "whether or not people should pay simply to put user created maps into ranked pay" is a lucrative talking point because the developer has essentially done no work, so perhaps there should be 2 user-created maps (or more) and 2 developer created maps? The only problem with this is the developer maps in the community's opinion may not be considered as good as another "user-created" map which would cause complaint.

    Plus a new weapon or new ways to humiliate your opponent at the end of the match and a new game mode, would you pay for that if the price was good? This is a genuine point which I feel that users would pay for, as long as it is not overpowered and as long as it is included among other things, such as new maps. This idea could maybe only be used in the SINGLEPLAYER seeing as if the weapons are better than many of the other standard weapons then people may feel disheartened.

    Game Modes
    People keep talking about Predator mode, would you pay for it if it came with a pack and had other stuff with it.
    Vehicles - I hope they change their mind and find a way in giving us them even if it is without guns just as transportation purposes but say vehicles came later as DLC with other things thrown into the pack would you pay? Here it is again, I believe the community would be very upset by the fact that they are being asked (if this was to come true) to pay for something (vehicles) that they considered already needed to be in the game at launch.

    I am just interested to know what peoples opinions are.

    DLC on LittleBigPlanet was really big business, I am sure it could be with Far Cry 3 if they marketed it correctly.

    Have your say.
    Replies in light blue. Some good points but I think it may anger the community if they were to actualy be implemented.
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    I bought the Fortunes DLC and have never had a proper game on those 4 maps they gave us, They all said small in size and 2 of them were big so whoever made them couldn't even be bothered to properly categorize how many players they were suitable for and the maps size.

    However the guns were really good, I liked the weapons and could have made some fun CQC maps with the sawn off shotgun, the vehicles I didn't care for - Quad was a little quicker or felt quicker then other vehicles but there was no bunny hop - it wasn't a patch on the ATV from FCIP.

    But to change the subject to Trials Evolution - has it been out 2 days?
    And I go on XBL and see the following. All available for Microsoft points.
    Combat Suit 240
    Hoodie Style 240
    Skiing Set 240
    Stunt Helmet 160
    Flight Helmet 160
    Red Lynx T-shirt 80
    Squirrel T-shirt 80
    Vintage Helmet 160
    Vintage Suit 240

    Total Points = 1600
    (That is clear that Trials Evo is aiming for the same as LBP - A younger audience they are currently Exclusive on 360 I think and have all this add on stuff that mounts up to crazy costs, but they know that younger people will go nuts to try and look cooler in their appearance where I feel the older ones among us would rather have more tricks of the trade in way of new items.
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    I remember the day's when you payed for a finished game you got a 100% finished game, yes you got expansion pack's but they added anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours sometimes more to the game and a bunch of new items for a nice fee and free Dlc like map pack's, non of these BS pre-order bonus as well as having to pay close to 20$ for 5 new map's and a bunch of point less crap....
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    I think I will wait for the game to show itself abit more first but I really hope it is good if it is then I will buy the game....

    I'm more interested in single player but a couple of missions 50mins play I will not pay much for that if it comes with the game ok but it would be better to make a new island with a campaign of around 4-5 hours utilising the suggestions and ideas that the community are making.

    As for multi player looks a bit like COD which for me is no bad thing I don't mind COD but I want it to step outside of this and be more unique I'll just wait and see how things go
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    I wouldnt pay for a DLC that adds vehicles to mp, it should come with the game and thats all.
    Map editor DLC no way, it should come along the map packs and with new weapons, else its not worth paying for
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    Originally Posted by Scripts18 Go to original post
    I wouldnt pay for a DLC that adds vehicles to mp, it should come with the game and thats all.
    Map editor DLC no way, it should come along the map packs and with new weapons, else its not worth paying for
    I agree that everything should come with the game, and any additional content shouldn't even be mentioned until at least half a year after release. DLC is now just another way to nickel and dime everyone
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    The first DLC I would be interested in buying is for new content for the map editor. Second is any DLC for additional game modes.
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    Upgradable FC3 Editor, New Single Player Missions, New Multiplayer Maps and Game Modes, New Weapons, and New Vehicles.
    If all things mentioned above is included in future FC3's DLC, i'm getting it.

    I'm sick of FC2's Fortune's Pack that only includes 5 new toys and 5 new maps...
    In less than an hour, i already got bored of those NEW things.

    So please, add more toys for us!
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    what more would a person like me want other than:-

    - Map Editor Objects
    - Extra Weapons/Upgrades
    - More map making templates (Backgrounds in map editor)
    - Some Single player DLC
    - More Game modes
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