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    Upgrades are expensive, are they necessary?

    I am a new player and have made my first upgrades to both of my labs yet it seems as though I get less money after treating patients with them, Has anyone else upgraded and have the same issue?
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    yeah i wouldnt be to concerned right off to upgrade wait till your further into the game
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    Eventually they really need upgraded. Mostly because you will hit the usage limit a ton, They do make more money, but like so little more that it is hard to even tell. You can also upgrade your medications. but that is pretty much useless. They say you will need to use less medication, but it hardly even effects it and costs a ton to upgrade. For an example... Level one is 10% cure level 2 is 13% that means that if in level one you had to give 10meds, in level 2 you will need to give 8, but it costs like 400 to do. You could just buy tons more of the med for that
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    Upgrading meds is the most expensive part of the game. I have my meds at Lv 3 right now, and to lv 4 it costs 1600 x 6 = it's over 9000
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    I seem to be stuck at a point where I must spend real money to continue, that is not happening, It's a shame because it's fun, but there is no way I'm spending money to play.
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    Doing "Bloodwork" is the best way to earn more money. Send your "MRI" patients to the pharmacy so you can keep getting ward patients into the Lab. This will be the best way to get more money without using your "real" money. Having more colleagues and "helping" them, buy clicking on them and doing search missions, will help you get the energy to do this. Hope this helps and have a good day.
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