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    GRAW 3 Beta

    Honestly the most glichtest beta I ever playedl. Every night I have played (3nights to date) there is always without fail a serious glitch. For instance, as I write this post my player respawned next to a teammate in the game I thought was on the map, but little did I know he was stuck in a wall, so when I respawned I wound up in the wall too. This beta has been a serious disappointment for me with every night I play I encounter a serious issue that totally affects my play and it does not seem to be an isolated issue.

    Sucks bad because this game (when operating properly) has serious potential. However, I not sure I will be spending $60 come release day. If you have 5 yrs. in creating a game I would suspect that you would have a beta that is not as glicthed out as this one cause it really ruins an experience I have been waiting since GRAW 2.

    I will post all the pics I got, once I upload them.
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    Make sure you post this feedback to the GRFS threads here http://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.p...-BETA-Feedback. The devs will be following those threads and looking through any feedback posted.
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    I need a beta pass
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    i havent seen any glitches except people doing it theirselves, like superspeed.
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