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    Welcome to Dream Dust Stables!

    Hey all!
    I welcome you to my Stable's thread.
    I will constantly update it with news, images, and who knows what else!


    4/23- Just opened up my new thread. Thought it might be fun to share my stable, my horses, and talk to everyone else! So far I'm addicted to this game...
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    My Stable

    This is my stable as of 4/23/12

    About Me & My Stable

    Stable Name: Dream Dust Stables
    Current Level: 15
    Horse Capacity: 3

    I will currently work on Saddlebreds until {hopefully soon} Arabians are introduced into the game. The affix "DDS" will be placed in all my horses' names to indicate that I bred them.
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    My Horses

    In this section, I will record every horse that I've bred and owned. Horses go in order. *Note: Some horses at the beginning may be forgotten as I haven't recorded my horses until now XD

    Dynasty: First Horse

    DD Maximum Potential

    DDS Potent Love

    DDS Love&Lust

    DDS Luster

    DDS Golden Boy

    DDS Golden Sun

    DDS Sunday's Best DDS Hold at Bay

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    Notices To My Friends

    I love having friends! So if you want to add me on facebook, please do so: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1418955688
    However, if you choose to add me, please Send Me A Message saying "Horse Haven". That way, I know you are a fellow Horse Havian and not a complete random stranger!

    When You Visit Me...

    Obviously, I adore the help! If you are limited as to what actions you can complete on my farm, please choose the following:

    1. Boost my foaling shed. I want my foals born faster!
    2. Boost my bakery. 4 hours for one treat is a long time... I'd like the process sped up.
    3. Trees. Trees take two energy points for me to cut down, so it's more helpful to take care of my trees than weeds.

    Thank you!

    When You Gift Me...

    I am currently looking for the following:

    1. Apple Cookies
    2. Planks
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    You have a beautiful ranch !
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    Originally Posted by BlackHorseRun Go to original post
    You have a beautiful ranch !
    Thank you! Though I need to update this XD I'm quite behind! Though I'm currently taking exams, so I may update this after exams are over.
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    Beautiful ranch Dreaming of the day when I have came that far in this game, right now it's not working at all..
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