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    Customizable controls, please. Help disabled gamers.

    Please update the game so the player can assign any function to any ****on they wish. As someone with limited use with their right hand I must say that having right trigger as the only option for acceleration is inconvenient to say the least. There are some racing games on console that allow complete customization so please follow their example. If you have the time please watch the video & sign the petition to make custom controls a standard feature in console games.

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    Hey are you playing on PC or Mac? I have the Mac version and you can set up your own controls in settings -> controls or something like this. Hope it helped
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    I'm playing on 360. I'm usually a PC gamer for that very reason but skipped DSF on PC thanks to the DRM they were using for it.Just got it a week ago, I hope this at least gets ubisofts attention if not an actual update for the game.
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    Ahh man I thought you're on a computer. Didn't even know you can do this on consoles, but now that you mention it I remember some PS2 games where this was possible.

    Then I'm affraid I can't help you... perhaps there is some device that remaps the controls, who knows?
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    It would have to be a title update, that's why I started this thread. Even if we don't get one for DSF I can hope UBI remembers it for future games.
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    Yea I hope it will change something!
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    Playing on the 360
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    I can't use my right hand for playing "Splinter Cell". I don't have the dexterity with my fingers which I need to control the mouse wheel and that is used for "Variable Speed" <The best thing for playing the game> Could somebody please help!! Can somebody suggest the best keyboard setup for me or anybody who is disabled?
    If someone can help, thanks in advanced
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    Cool a disabled meeting , joking iam disabled myself to, broke my neck in a car accident (and yea have big accidents still in Driver, but i drive a car irl to without any probs) years ago and cant walk anymore but my hands/arms are oke but werent that at the beginning but it came slowly back and with hard training i was verry lucky to get at least that part back.
    So i can understand a verry little u guys problems, hope u get an solution for it

    And srry for my crap English, iam from Holland
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