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    Splinter Cell Wont Load

    Hello again. This time, I can't boot up SCC, and Im not sure why. All I get is a black screen, then I get the good ol' ubisoft message telling me how long I played (A few seconds, wee) My specs all fit the requirements, so Im confused as to why it wont even load.
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    Hello SkyeHawc... I'll see if I can lend some assistance. I'm as confused as you are; it's anybody's guess with the information that you provided. When you post asking for help it's very important that you provide adequate information so someone/anyone can help you solve this problem/issue... "All I get is a black screen, then I get the good ol' ubisoft message telling me how long I played" is nowhere near adequate to help you solve this problem/issue. Below is an example of the typical information someone/anyone needs for troubleshooting:

    PC specifications:
    processor: Intel Core i7 x980 @3.33ghz
    memory: 12GB RAM DDR3
    video: nVidia GTX480
    audio: Realtek HD Audio
    storage: 2x2 TB hard drive
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

    TSR (background) applications:
    McAffee Internet Security
    Windows Firewall
    Bit Torrent Client
    nVidia Driver Updater

    Errors message/s:
    "General Protection Fault"
    "Black Screen of Death"

    Your particular problem/issue could be (most likely) happening because of hardware or software conflicts, and without this information, it's impossible to troubleshoot. If you can provide more detailed/adequate information here on this post, I will be glad to assist.

    Good luck.
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    Well, I can tell you my rig is definitely equipped to handle the game. Don't feel like typing the specifications.
    And what I mentioned is exactly what I get. I hit the play ****on on Ubisoft's Launcher, then a black screen, then I get the window that pops up every time telling me how long I played the game. As if I played the game, and shut it down quickly. As if it mattered (And trust me, it doesn't) the only background app is steam, which I HAVE to have on in order to play this game.
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    Apparently, this game doesn't run with ATI GPU's? I have one...
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