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    Help with the Settles 6 and 7 demos

    Hello! I wanted to try the games The Settlers 6 and 7. I downloaded the demo of Ubisoft's site, but could not play either. The Settlers 6 gives me the following message: Graphics adapter does not meet minimum requirements. At least 70 MB of available video memory required, only - 1807 MB detected.
    In my mind, I have much more available memory than necessary. How do I run the game?

    Already with the Settlers 7 the following happens: it opens the autopatch, downloads the patch to the 4.1 demo, install, and then when I try to play it opens the screen saying that a patch is needed to run the game. Then he opens a tab in my browser with a page that tells me that the demo is over? If he just should not be available for download on the official Ubisoft. Can you help me with that too?

    I want to first try before i decide to purchase the two games above.


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    Unfortunately, the Settlers 6 demo had a bug, it couldn't recognise the video ram correctly if the video card had more than 512mb, and reported the ram as a negative amount, they fixed that bug before the game was released, but never got round to fixing the demo.

    As for the Settlers 7 demo, unfortunately the servers for the demo were shut down some time ago.
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