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    ressucitate the patient????

    I am redoing case #2 for the 4th time....

    I had to ressucitate the patient, I did
    Then I had to ressucitate again, I did
    She was still dead!!!! so i refreshed and now she's gone
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    I posted that almost a week again

    I still cant resume my case, the patient I must ressucitate is still not there
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    Would you please submit a bug here:

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    I did

    will it take long to be able to resume the cases?

    and will I lose any progress i did (level, machine upgrades, meds upgrades....)?
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    Ok 3 weeks and still not fixed

    Why you guys just dont put an option to restart a case?

    That bug (and many others) wouldnt make people leave the game, just restart case and then voila....
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    now 1 month and a half I am waiting

    I know its a beta and bugs must be fixed
    Maybe that bug is fixed and people wont get that bug anymore
    But what about us who already have it?
    I seent a bug report... I got no answer

    Please guys add a RESET CASE/CHANGE CASE button at the entrance clerk!!!
    It could fix many problem

    A former House Critical Cases fanatic player who waits desperatly that her bug is fixed or her case is reset to resume playing fanaticly
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    Ubisoft this suggustion would prove to be very useful for some players that are stuck in game play,,,,,,I cant for the life of me beleive that this player has been repeatdly been after yous to fix her problem has anyone even seen her bug report,,come on guys step up to the plate here with out us yous have no game alittle bit of respect and courtesy goes along way
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    can't resitute patinet

    i have tryed to resucitate him so many times now it is draining my engery it won't let me save the patinet
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    Have you sent in a ticket to Customer Support yet? If you haven't, try following these steps : http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php...ontact-Support . This is a different link than the other one that was given. Some additional information may help to solve this problem also:

    - What operating system are you using? Windows/Mac?
    - What browser are you using? IE/Firefox/Chrome? What version?
    - What flash version are you using?
    - Please let us know if you need help getting any of the above data points. We can provide instructions.

    Thanks again for your assistance!

    House MD Team
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    Encountered the same error: Resuscitate Patient

    I encountered the same issue. But for Case#3.

    I have logged, as instructed, to the Ubisoft Support page. [Reference Number: #120623-000021]

    "I have completed Case #3: Achy-Breaky QB. When checked, status is already at 100%. Hovering on Charlie Coutrakan (the QB Case3 patient), his status is at 0%. When clicked, "Resuscitate patient?" window displays. Even after burning energy and do the resuscitate task, status is still at 0%.

    I am using Windows 7 64bit, IE9 or Firefox 13.0.1.

    Screenshot attached."

    I hope that you will have a response soon. The initial bug filed was months ago.
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