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    Where can I download the game?

    I just need to download the install file, I have bought a physical copy of the game from But the installation DVD doesn't work. (I put it in the DVD, and it never spins up).

    I've looked around, and there seems to be alot of stores that sell a downloadable version, but you can only download it after you've made the purchase.

    I've been in contact with, but their only solution is that I buy the game again.

    quick edit: The game in question is HoMM 6
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    well the only thing i can suggest is to find a pirate torrent of this.
    Download the game, then sign up with the serial you already got it and u will have the game. Dont forget to autopatch to the late version which that will overrides the cracked executable with the original one file.

    Always buy the game either downloadable version or a physical version from a store nearby so u can always ask for a replacement on situation like this.

    also - Keep the torrend as i heard that even support is paid nowadays. Specific, if have a digital version and wanna download it again in a period of 30 days after purchase, you have to pay...
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