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    Stank Face while Rocksmithing

    For those who don't know, stank face is a reflexive facial expression from playing an instrument which resembles an expression of smelling something bad.
    Asside: for a brief history lesson, the term "funk music" came from musicians making stank face, as in "you are all playing that funky (smelly) music".

    I became aware of my reflex last year when my wife caught me making stank face while recording a clav track for a funk song.
    Since then, I have been semi-aware of when I go to stank face, including when I play certain songs on Rocksmith.

    My question is this: do you make stank face (as a reflex, and not just to create the illusion that you are into the music) and for which songs?

    If you have a candid photo of your stank face, post it.
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    I definitely make stank face, and parade around a bit, when playing the solos in Good Enough. Haven't noticed it for others.
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    Yes I do, Blues songs
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    I used to when I started, but as I got better its mostly gone away unless I'm doing something really hard.

    Neil young has awesome stank face.
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    I definitely make faces!
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    Unfortunately - yes. I recorded myself playing and I have seen my mouth twitch especially if I miss a note.

    Luckily I play for ME and not for others (at this point at least)
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    Too funny! Play that funky music white boy!
    Ill have to see if I become aware El apestoso.
    I know I did earlier today because (and I am only speculating) my dog passed a skunk.
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    My wife thinks I'm going into fits when I'm playing from the faces that I make.
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    I was thinking about this the other day, not "stank face" in particular but more the joy of playing and feeling the music. I enjoy playing, but rarely does it excite me. I'm not good enough to really get into the music. Mostly I'm concentrating really hard on what I'm doing, and when I concentrate my face goes completely blank. I probably make faces when I play Breed though, because for some reason when I play that one my inner-punk takes over and I lose myself and just rock out.
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    [QUOTE=cheeves29;8260981 when I play Breed though, because for some reason when I play that one my inner-punk takes over and I lose myself and just rock out.[/QUOTE]

    Lose myself and rock out...Nirvana....get it? hehe I crack myself up!
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